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Top Cashback – Money Back from Everyday Purchases!

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Top Cashback you say?

Yes, so if you haven’t heard of top cashback, it consists of making a purchase and then receiving money when that purchase has been made. This has got to be my favourite way to save money, this is because you receive money on something that you would be purchasing anyway. Probably the most popular website is as this provides the best cashback offers. The amount per transaction can be a few pence for retail items such as from eBay to over £100 for some insurance, TV or mobile phone contracts. Most of the big companies are involved in this, to give you an idea here are some of the companies involved:

So how easy is it to get the Top Cashback?

Extremely. Just sign up on, then search for the merchant you wish to shop with or browse the available merchants. When you click on the retailer you are interested in, this will divert you to the relevant site from top cashback. Make your purchase as normal and voila, you will claim confirmation within the pending section of your Top Cashback account. There is also an excellent Android and iPhone app available which appears to have most of the features of the desktop site. Just always remember to go through either the Top Cashback website or app prior to every significant purchase you make to see if you can save and so that your purchase can be tracked with the top cashback site.

Money back? Surely too good to be true?

Not quite, most websites operate the same in that they pay each other commission to divert traffic. A good example is using the model of comparison sites, such as for car insurance. When a consumer (you) does a comparison search for car insurance and then clicks on one of the prices quoted or purchases a quote, the comparison site receives commission either from this referral ‘click’ or from the purchase. The beauty of Top Cashback is that it allows you to receive a slice of this commission pie. Personal experiences from this means that I have received £105 cashback for landlords buildings insurance which only cost little over £150. Your everyday purchases such as those from Argos, eBay etc also all mount up.

A good tip which I use is to use comparison sites such as, or to see which merchant will give me the best deal, I will then search the top few cheapest results on Top Cashback to then see which will provide the best cashback deal!

(Above: The savings soon add up with regular use)

Final notes about Top Cashback

As highlighted by Top Cashback, the cashback you will receive is not guaranteed until the money is in your bank. Whilst I have not had cashback denied previously and Top CashBack provide an excellent level of customer support, it is a real possibility that cashback could be denied by the merchant as there are fewer rights than those involved from a typical purchase.

It is also important to note that you should go for the cheapest deal, not that with the highest cashback offer.

It will also take a few weeks for your cashback to be payable so don’t expect it right away.

My rating 9/10 Definitely worth it for some serious discounts, just don’t expect the money in your bank until a few weeks later!

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