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You can save hundreds of pounds per year by learning how to reduce your electric bill – Switch your supplier!

…and is it incredibly simple to do. This is just one of the ways on how to reduce your electric bill, and the easiest and most effective. You may, or may not have heard of uSwitch advertised on television or online.  uSwitch are an online comparison site which compare all the gas and electricity suppliers to give you the cheapest deal and save you money. They are impartial and it is completely free. The prices vary greatly between energy suppliers and you will almost definitely be able to save a considerable amount of money. It will only take a few minutes and you can start by entering your postcode into the following box:

When you have input your details (address and current suppliers details) you will be presented with the tariffs from all the suppliers on the market and how much you will expect to save! From there on if you agree to a tariff (and why won’t you?), uSwitch will be able to do the whole transfer for you for most energy providers. The whole process should take a few weeks and there will be no effort on your part. There won’t be an interruption to your gas/electricity supply and the only thing you will notice are cheaper bills! Here’s that link again:

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