About me

Hi there! My name is Mark and I live in England with my partner, baby and two dogs. I earn an average salary, often working more than my contracted 37.5 hrs per week. One thing I would like, like most, is more available money without taking up too much of my limited time.

I created this site to help share some of my experiences with the many ways to earn or save money online with no time or effort required. This site includes advice on how to get cashback on everything from food, broadband, insurance, and shopping – with the focus being no or minimal effort required. This advice with leave you with hundreds of pounds in your pocket each year. Through the assistance of Wealthy Affiliate I am also the website owner of CouplesPleasure.co.uk with posts written from various authors.

My site contains no scams and I use these methods myself. I will give my honest opinion on my experiences and these are legitimate ways to save extra cash. If anyone has any other methods I have not mentioned please get in touch!